Non-commercial Charity Foundation «Dobroye Delo/Good deed»

A Charity Foundation «Dobroye Delo/Good deed» established by the Group of medical companies Kiel’ LLC which is experienced company with proven records of supplying hospitals with up-to-date medical equipment and solutions, implementing new technologies and providing full range service from an idea to equipped hospital with qualified staff.

The Kiel Company is an active participant of Federal Program of Healthcare Modernization in different regions of Russian Federation.

The Kiel Company is the representative of international charity foundations, such as International Committee of the Red Cross, branch of the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Since 2009 the company has implemented a number of charitable projects to provide equipment and supplies to medical institutions, medical cabinets, rooms of healing physical culture in educational institutions and boarding schools, also has provided material and financial assistance to children, who need medical treatment all over the country.

For contribution to the development of healthcare in Russia the Kiel Company was repeatedly awarded with grateful letters, certificates and diplomas.

A Non-commercial Charity Foundation «Dobroye Delo/Good deed» was created in 2015. It was a logical consequence of the successful implementation of non-commercial projects in healthcare.

Our mission

The mission of the Foundation is the recovery of nation’s health by providing assistance to diseased children, as well as the creation of a culture of philanthropy in society.

The main purpose of the Foundation is to organize the projects in the sphere of providing medical equipment for child institutions to improve the quality of medical services.

The main objectives of the foundation:

• fundraising for the treatment and rehabilitation of children;

• the development and implementation of non-commercial projects in healthcare;

• assistance to the children's medical institutions;

•attraction public attention to the problems of diseased children;

• to provide free assistanceto children in need;

• to provide social and psychological support to diseased children;

• organization of charitable events.


Our Foundation is interested in cooperation with other funds and companies in providing medical equipment and for participation in different events to implement the purposes and objectives of the Foundation.

Children are the future and our hope. Institutions which work with children often need modern equipment for effective treatment and medical assistance. We hope that timely diagnostics, quality treatment and effective rehabilitation will soon become available for children in every corner of our country, through the joint efforts of caring people. When we give the child a chance to recover, our society has an opportunity to become richer for another human life.